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If I hear on the news anyone that has been killed or seriously injured I get upset. Especially if they are around my age. I think about it when I'm getting to sleep and imagine us being mates and playing football and I feel sad for the family and just wish it never happened. I get so sad:(
i generally feel sorry for everyone. If I walk past a store that is making no profit I want to give and make sure they're okay even though I don't have the money to pay myself.
Or if I'm walking past a homeless person I try to give but I can't give money to everyone:(
I just want everyone to be happy and live a life without worry. But why do I get so upset over these things?
Recently a young boy I know was killed by a car which was extremely sad. I cried alone.

I can't wait until I find a partner to keep safe and make sure she never gets hurt. Then I will feel like I am doing something to help


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  • I used to be that way too. Sometimes it still affects me a lot. But I guess I am less sensitive now. I don't know why.


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  • Some people are just flopping pansies, nothing to worry about.


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