Why people use the anonymous? u can create an acc with whatever nick and no profile pic. just why?

just because the people who follow you or the people u follow? u dont wanna show something? its more easy too me give a better opinion when i know someting about the person being... and when i see ask they do and some answers we start to know something


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  • Because they're paranoid as fuck.
    All you have to do is never reveal your town or your last name. Then nobody will ever find you or anything.


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  • Too often they are just trolls on here...

    But for me, I use it for things I don't want people to associate with my profile, like private or awkward questions. This is actually me, and my user name, creating a second account for maybe 5% of my questions is a huge effort, plus there is things like xper and stuff.

  • anonymous questions are either delicate (too private) or trolls.

    • yeah but people want too know some opinion on that private stuff... and if they want stay anonymous just dont put a pic on profile and dont put their real name... easy.. but at least they have a name here we can relate to other things here!