Why is it that the lgbtq community feels the need to bring straight people down?

A lot of Lgbtq's have recently been saying bad things about straight people as a whole. I feel like ever since they've gotten their rights in America they look at straight people as the enemy or the inferior for some odd reason. I don't get why the would want to bring someone down bc of their sexuality if the same thing happened to them. It makes no sense. It's stupid and a hypocrisy.


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  • For the same reason that extremist sexist people want to bring the opposite sex down, they're fanatics. Not every homosexual person does that, I know some gays and that never questioned the fact that I'm straight.


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  • 1. They don't have their rights. They simply can now marry someone of the same sex...
    2. Lots of straight people continue to actively obstruct LGBT persons from happy and fair lives.

    By the way, there are lots of straight people being extra-douchy to other straight people about their LGBT views.

    • Still doesn't change anything i said. And they do have rights. Jsyk

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    • Just because im young doesn't mean anything. JSYK.
      And JSYK what you're saying changes nothing.

    • Yes it does. It means you don't have experience and, like most humans, don't have a good understanding of logic, science, mathematics, and statistics. This leads to poor thinking or inexperienced pronouncements of certainty that is most certainly not true.

      That said, yeah, you have a right to complain a bit but don't think that the LGBT community universally thinks they are "holier than thou" about the straight community. At the same time, they have a very legitimate reason to keep complaining about those (straight) people who have in the past and continue to obstruct their happiness. They just want to be treated fairly like everyone else. The recent US Supreme Court case finally gave them an official pronouncement that, at least in marriage, they should be treated like everyone else. That bolsters their case in those areas of life in which they are still discriminated against.

  • Same thing with women and feminism trying to thwart men.

    I think it's this nonsensical, delusional entitlement to 'justice' that it blinds peoples rational heads.

  • Amen sistah


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  • I have never experienced this.

  • They call us "breeders" -_-