Why was the milgram experiment important?

Why was milgram experience important?


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  • Isn't that the one where under "controlled circumstances", people were told that it's totally okay to give the lethal electricity level to the guy in the other room?

    It shows that if you think you're doing the right thing, and you're not aware of how wrong that thing you're doing is, then you will indeed with pure conscience do terrible things. Just like nazism or terrorism.


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  • It was important because it's the first experiment/theory that explains how the nazi's were able to do such horrible things to people during the second world war. After the war, the whole world was shocked and angry, so there was this whole new mindset of making sure nothing like the holocaust could ever happen again.

    • (it's funny because every religion operates with the same type of `making people believe that what they are doing is right` thing)

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  • Because some people needed to be convinced that humans can be damned cruel to each other.


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