Girls, I haven't been feeling good off and on for a week now. I threwup last week. I'm on birth contOK. Could I b prego even by taken pill?

YES IM 33 but still had scare before but was just late. should get it tomorrow.


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  • Yes, you can. But before you freak out, wait. Your period isn't even late yet, the feeling off and throwing up could be due to other things. If you really are worried, get yourself a pregnancy test or go see a doctor. But really, you need to stop freaking out, it's not good for you.

    • I know it not good for me to freak out. And I having light brown /pink on toliet paper. But read could be sign of being pregnant. That internet for u. I'm just gonna wait and see what happens. Thank u.

    • It could also be the beginning of your period :) The internet can one make go crazy. Whenever I have some symptoms and start to google, all these sites tell me I probably have cancer and will be dead within a couple of weeks!

    • The internet try to scare people. You're still here unless you're a zombie lol. And I got it last month and we had sex when I had it so I can't be pregnant.

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