Can I get in trouble after throwing a 17 year old kid to the ground for putting his hands on my gf's little sister?

My girlfriend and her little sister (she's 17) were at a college party with me last night. Her sister got in an argument with her boyfriend. He started to pull her aside and she started yelling and when I went over to see what was going on I saw him with his hands on her shoulders and thumbs with pressure on her neck pushing her against the wall while she tried to get away. When he saw me he stopped and apologized and I glared to him then her sister ran away as i walked up to him. He tried to explain himself and I threw against the wall and told him to tell her mom and dad what I just saw and I will know if your not lying so be honest I threw him to the ground. Can I get in trouble for this?


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  • why was she yelling? is she started some big screaming match with him then she technically started everything. if the boyfriend started it, then yes he was abusive, and you probably won't get into trouble. but why do you think you would get into trouble?

    • He's a minor lol. Even if she started something it doesn't mean he has a right to pin her against a wall.

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    • then it that case he started it and admitted it.

    • wow. thanks for mho!


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  • Wow you are such a tough guy throwing a 17 year old on the ground and you are an adult. Why don't you pick on someone your own size? What a pussy you did not give him a chance to explain

    • Well she was next to me and he just pulled her around the corner so it

    • Cotinued. Could have been handled quietly and she didn't yell until he took her around the corner. She said she didn't do anything and he said it's cause he was drunk. Well he's 17 why was he drinking lol.

    • "What a pussy"
      Says the anon.

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  • depends how badly he got hurt.

    • He wasn't hurt lol im concerned cause he's a minor and I'm 21.

  • Nah I don't think so... I guess did the hero part ;) Xd

  • Anyway you were defending a young girl. Be proud of that.

  • If that's all you did, then no, probably not.