What is tge best video game that you played from any of the playstation game systems?


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  • gran trismo 1,2,3,4, and 5

    • Nice choices. I played the first couple of ones. I didn't know they had a 4 or 5. Did you ever beat all of them completely?

    • no i got up to 69.1 % and then it just got harder to play and beat them. i think (but not to sure) they are workin on GT 6

    • Yeah that is the thing I hate about some games. After you reach a certain level it gets hard to beat them. Lol wow a part 6 would br cool. I bet they might go up to a part 10.

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  • Final Fantasy Tactics for Playstation 1.

    • Nice choice. That's a good game.

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    • Fft is very cool! But tg cid orlandu is totally ruin the game since he is too powerful lol

    • Lots of things were too powerful in the game. Blade grasp. Calculators. Agrias. Beowulf. The dark knight class and Balthier in the PSP remake. Hell, overleveling/job points grinding makes the game super easy as well. The game is definitely more fun when you don't abuse the overpowered things.

  • I dont have ps, I have xbox. But the best game I played ever was prince of persia sands of time on playstation

  • Crash Bandicoot