What's the best place to live in American South?

What's the best place to live in the former slave states and bordering free states? State and city name, please

Okay, not moving there. Gosh...


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  • "What's the best place to live in the former slave states and bordering free states?"

    Nowhere. We don't accept rudeness or negativity down here. Please be kind and either move North or West.

    • Hey! I was trying to make clear what states I was talking about.

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  • Was there a need to mention that they were once slave states?

    I don't know if you said that to be specific that you weren't talking about South America but the south of North, you're black and some people are still racist, or you're white and you're trying to find the states that are still stuck in it's ways but if it's none of these then it was really uneccessary and this is why people begin to think like this.

    You could've just simply have Which is the best Southern state to live in America in your opinon? And that's all that was needed.


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  • Troll troll troll!

  • Florida is basically little New York. North Carolina is basically moderate. But know of that matters because you are a slave in mind, so you will always be a slave.


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