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Should I just cut him off and try to forget?

we are both 30, so we aren't that young. We know each other almost 3years, we have met at work, we went out, had a lot of fun, start seeing each... Show More

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  • I don't want to sound bad here, because you clearly hold a flame for this guy, however having 2 phones and lying to you about that is not a good sign. in fact it's a sign he's a bit of a player. Sometimes people have communication problems, technology sometimes doesn't work, but to outright lie about it? That's no good for you.

    He has at least been open and honest about his intentions, he is essentially looking for a bit of fun with some benefits, and sure you have good times together. I think you will know the best way forward in your heart, although I think there are 2 best options here.

    1. is to forget about him. He's lied to you and has played around with your emotions for a good while now, so just move forward with your life. Personally I believe this is the best option but you might want to consider a slightly easier approach...

    2. Is to keep a friendship going, but at at a distance. That means no sex, just enjoying each others company for what it is but with set boundaries. You must keep in your mind what this guy has done and what he might do in the future.

    If you were to get with him, he might not change and be looking for something or someone else. You will know the best way to move forward with this, just be careful as you don't want to be hurt by someone just because you've invested 3 years in them. If they aren't right for you then maybe it's time to move on.

    • Thx, it is good to get opinion from person, which is not involved... I don't think, that I will continue this this "friendship" cause, I know, I will break at some point...

What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he calls you again because he knows you will at some point give in. Tell him to leave you alone. He is not worth any more of your time. He is using you. He does not like you. Do not read his contacting you after blah blah period of time as him coming to his senses and realizing how great you are. He is only doing it to have sex with you. Move on.

    • You are absolutely right! I know that I will give in probably soon. Just saw him last night, now he is saying, that we should see each other and only date each other, but without any obligations (?) I am proud of myself, told him to go home, now just try to get over.....

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