Should I just cut him off and try to forget?

we are both 30, so we aren't that young. We know each other almost 3years, we have met at work, we went out, had a lot of fun, start seeing each other,after couple of months, he said, that he doesn't want a girlfriend, I wasn't into FWB, so we separated...we still have seeing each other at work and after few months start talking again, he called me one night wanted to talk, we spent two hours talking, he said that he misses me, that I was bit pushy on him, and the other thing is, that his family won't accepted me, because he is Spanish and I am European...we left thinks between us like that, still talking more, finally we met up and hooked up... I was afraid to be pushy, so I let thinks go on, hoping that it would get better, we slept together, then his phone got cut off, we still were talking at work, but haven't been seein outside of work, I slowly was getin over, after 3 months, he come back, we again start going out, spending more time together, we had a lot of fun, but after a month the exactly some scenario; his phone got shut down, I didn't belive that, got really mad,then find out from his coworker, that his phone was fine, he was having two phones.I was over, ignored him, change my nr and just completely cut him off, it was over a year ago, he tried talk to me the whole time. I run into him in the club some time ago, we finally talked, he said, that he was trying to call me, but I have changed my nr and never gave him chance at work, he asked for my phone, I didn't give to him that night. I did couple weeks later, he called we talked, I asked him for his intention, he said that he doesn't want relationship, just fun, I said that is ok, it's just I want more then fun. We went out later on, had a great time...he was trying to sleep with me, I told him "no", that I won't sleep with him, if all what he wants isfun, because I deserve better, that f... buddies.Since then we talk almost daily, still spending time together, of course sex issue came back couple of times, I told him, that I won't back up on my word, he said that he doesn't want any obligations...and then he calls me again...why is he doing that? the true is, that I really like this guy, I spent on him past three years, and now I don't think I want to wait anymore, I don't think that there is anything to wait for... we do have a lot of fun together, and we feel very comfortable, we always have stuff to talk about, and we definitely very attracted to each other, but I feel that in the end I am going to get hurt again... should I just ignore him? sorry for my english guys, I am still learning, that's my second language... thanks for more thing is he lied to me few times before, the two phone thing is still not resolved...I let a lot of good guys go, because I was waiting for him...