Is it bad that I resent my parents for not being financially responsible?

I'm trying to go to college and my dad said he would fully support me. I'm going undergrad engineering and I tell him a month before my books and costs are going to be coming up. Today I tell him I need to purchase these things and some school supplies and he makes me feel terrible. "I'll see what I can do" he then proceeds to lag and lag and lag. Now I can't afford my books till a week into the semester. I'm 22 years old and realize that I'm not an 18 year kid anymore but he said he would help me. I got in a huge fight with him told him to stop lingering me around and just tell me straight forward if he can or can't do this because I can't half ass this because if he can't help me then it's simple I can't go to college because of finances. I;ll go to trade school. I might sound selfish but I went into the miltiary after highschool because my parents didn't have college money for me. Unfortunely I got medically discharged after an injury after bootcamp. If I ever have kids I'll have money saved up for them to go to college.. let them experience that. Wish I could of done that after high school.. I had the grades to do it.


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  • I understand the frustration and I'm not sure if it's "bad", but it's certainly not productive. You just have to do your best with what you have :c


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  • It's a reasonable feeling but keep in mind that he is probably trying his damnedest to get it done & it's probably tight & it probably kills him to tell you he can't. ALSO did he already pay for tuition? If he did you should be able to figure out the book situation on your own dime.

    • No I got tuition through a scholarship