Have you ever went to a party/ club by yourself?

I've recently just got out of a relationship about a few weeks ago and all of my friends have been pressuring me to go and do something on a Friday night, so I caved in. I've decided to go out to a club but my friend is supposedly meeting up with me after work at the place, till then I'll be solo for awhile.

Have you ever done that? Any recommendations or advice if you ever did so?


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  • I don't like clubs in general, so when I go it's usually because people are dragging me along.

    I do have to regularly insert myself into groups of strangers for work/training though, so I do have some advice.

    Be open. Volunteering information about yourself (eg, hobbies, interests, job,), and asking people about themselves.

    Look around you. If you see someone wearing something eye-catching, comment on it. It'll most likely start up a conversation, or, since you're at a club, a few yelled sentences and some dancing.

    Buy someone a drink. This especially works if you see someone else who's alone. Band together in your singleness.


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  • Have a few drinks. If you get drunk enough you'll happily dance by yourself. Or you can just sit there with a beer in one hand playing with your phone.


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  • I've gone to parties and bars/clubs by myself! It is a refreshing change to call your own shots (no pun intended) without having to coordinate with a group of people.

  • I would never do such a thing