Is it possible to remove followers on this site?

So, Until recently i never knew you could make your profile private and restrict who can follow you, and, i have a few followers now, and don't get me wrong, they are all nice people, and i have nothing against them, i just don't want any followers.

And, When in the following tab, i try and click that 'x' to make them unfollow me, my only option is to block them, and i dont want to block them as they are all nice people, i just dont want any followers :/.

Any help?



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  • Block then unblock them

    • Do they get told that i blocked them? I dont want to seem an asshole.

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    • @ihav2fart if i block u (never i'd do no worries ;p ) for 30 secs and u happen to post a comment in an opinion of mine within those 30 secs... then this pink box will pop-up :p

    • @ rigs yeah. Imagine if you had hundreds of followers lol. You're welcome dude.

      @Klaatu51 true, it's happened to me once.


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  • I'm offended you added me 😰

    • Why Offended? D:

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    • Why are you guys taking offense from this?

    • I'm not I was just joking and I even in followed you so you wouldn't have to block me to do it. I believe YourFutureEx was kidding around to.

      The other part had nothing to do with you we got in a previous disagreement but it's over now.

  • What? Why? You crazy dude XD Many followers means more points LOL

    • I dont like having followers though.

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    • Mhmm, I blocked everyone then unblocked them. Took a while to do everyone :/.

      Yeah, I just see no point in having followers

    • Oooh, I get it. Well, nice move.

      Well, that's your opinion :)

  • Damn matey il unfollow u if it's a problem 😂😂😂


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  • You can block them to remove them from your follower and then removed them from your block list