Any australians here?

if so... is it illegal to drink while riding a kangroo?


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  • Riding a kangaroo is pretty much impossible, so how you going to get on a kangaroo and drink, I really don't know LOOOL

    • I don't know i thought riding a kangaroo was a common thing there so thought it would be the same f u drink!! but im wrong i guess

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    • I don't need a special occasion in order to drink :p

    • Thank you for MH

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  • Is itt even legal to ride a Kangaroo?

    • They eat Kangaroo's in Australia I think.

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    • They cull kargaroos here because there's so many though, so I guess it's good to use them instead of just killing them.

    • and how does he crocodile sausage taste? and im not even gonna try it...

  • I'm not even sure if it's legal to ride a kangaroo here. I live in Sydney and the only place I've ever seen a kangaroo is the zoo lol

    • oh really? i thought it was common riding a kangroo over there

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    • Hahaha sorry to paint images in your head lol. :)

    • They only use kangaroos for sex in Aus

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