How to not feel so intimidaded by attractive guys?

so if im not attrcated to a guy im 100% myself, i talk a lot, i joke around and i make an effort to hang out with them an get to know them and just in general act like a interestinfg and fun person to be around.

But when it comes to guys i see as potential dating partners aka i find them attractive, i get veyr quiet, i dont joke around as much, and i might even come across as uninterested, even when im interested.

A lot of times i can't help but think that if i acted the same way i acted around guys i dont find attractive towards guys i do find attractive i would have had a boyfriend by now. When i find a guy hot i overthink everything and i want to act in "the right way" or say "the right things" and i jutst put a lot of pressure on myself to be funny and interesting. I dont think i have had any succsessful relationship with a guy i find attractive.. i have guy friends, but im not attracted to them

So anyone with advice on how to not feel so intimidaded by attractive guys?


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  • They are not that special & they are not that different from you. Apart from the fact that they won the genetic lottery.

    • Haha! Luv this answer! I just want to add I'm beginning to hate Jet Blue... thanks!

    • I know, but they Just make me nervous