Should I get an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6?

I really want to get a LifeProof case, and i couldn't find any for iPhone 6 at BestBuy. But they had plenty of them for iPhone 5.

So I'm considering getting an iPhone 5, but if there are any pros of getting an iPhone 6 rather than an iPhone 5, then I'll get an iPhone 6 and just find some other case for it.

So iPhone 5 or iPhone 6? And why?

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  • Buy the phone for the phone, not the case!

    I had a 4 for five years, I recently upgraded to a 6. The difference in performance and usability is huge. The 5 is a few years old now, the new 6S is coming in the fall, so you know what happens - the 4S is now the oldest non-legacy device, soon that'll be the 5. Unless you are strapped for cash there's no compelling reason to buy an older model of phone.


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  • I would get the iPhone 6 because it has a good camera and also because it has a big screen and also because it's faster then the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4


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  • I would get the 6 because of the bigger screens and they're a little faster I think. I really recommended waiting another month and getting the new 6s or 7.

    • They are both coming out in a month?

    • I think I saw the next iPhone is rumored to come out next month on the 9th. You could buy that or buy the current one at a discount then.

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  • Get an android phone.
    ( Windows phone user)