Why can't he let go of the past?

Back when I was in 8th grade, I accidently said something that came out the wrong way. I told the athletic kids that I used to be point guard. All of them believed me, but my best friend told me things what they had said about me such as that they seen me play basketball and I sucked. I can't jump at all, I'm fat, I can't run fast, and I can't dribble at all. And this kid who I thought was my friend kept tormenting me and bullying me for it. He will try his hardest to prove that I was lying. But, my two best friend knew that I was lying, but I can't tell everyone that I was lying or everyone will hate me for it. It died down until my first day of high school which was Friday. The bully kept on talking about what happened to me in the past and I told all the upperclassmen about me being a "supposive point guard". They started to pick on me more than anyone else. Why can't he just let go of the past?


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  • Just give it time.


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  • He's an asshole that's why. And there isn't much you can do except make it clear that you are not to be fucked with. I'm not saying go full out war on the guy... but show that you don't give a shit about his pathetic antics.