Why does some people making fun of people who likes superheroes?

I mean, why?

Many people have superheroes they can relate, heroes you can look at and see yourself. They gives you hope, inspiration and strenght.

And then some people making fun of those people who have likes superheroes and have a favorite hero that they look up too. Then that bullier's friends joining him and start picking on that person cuz he look up too a hero. I mean, wake up! Take a look around, like 40-55% of the worlds population have some sci-fiction hero that they can look up too. And what's wrong with that? I'm 15 and I LOVE Spider-Man too 110% and beyond that. I'm proud of being a Spider-Man geek and people know that. My background story looks pretty much like Peter Parker's.

My dream is to one day act as him in a movie or recording his voice in video games and cartoons and even draw him! I got the skills to be a proffesional artist at MARVEL or DC , I got his look and I got two versions of Spider-Man's voice, one that sounds like Sean Marquette's Ultimate Spider-Man voice and one that sounds like Neil Pattrick Harris Spider-Man voice.

Why does some people making fun of people who likes superheroes?

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  • I love superheroes. Don't give a damn about people. They are normal. I like tl be a bit crazy is way more fun.

    And do what makes you happy. Go for it!


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  • I'm just trying to be honest here and tell you the truth.

    They are unsophisticated entertainment. There is nothing wrong with liking them but if they are all you like or the most challenging sort of entertainment you can enjoy it doesn't exactly make you seem particularly bright.


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  • because they are insecure to be who they are, so they are envious that you are not... i love comic books and superheroes specially DC's... and anime/manga.


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