Why do are Atheists generally do hypocritical when it comes to criticism?

Any time any un antagonistic question or post is made not even directed at them. There's an impulse for atheists to post something derogatory and polemical mocking their belief.

I'd be fine if it were an intellectually curious question.

But it never is. .. it's a childish mockery Internet meme with each other patting themselves on their back for their mockery.

Now ask a question back st them and they'll retaliate not with an intellectual defense but another mockery for not sharing their belief.

Why such intolerance


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  • Well, you complain about atheists mocking believers but by describing them and generalising then the way you do you're not at all any better - just mocking them as well.
    I'm an atheist and I respect other people's believes, would never mock them for it BUT at the same time I do expect other people to respect my opinion on this matter as well.


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  • Because many of them actually do believe in God but hate Him so they feel the need to spew venom at people that believe in Him. Any actual atheists are neutral in their beliefs for or against God, they believe it's possible but not enough evidence. While venom spewing anti-theists hate people that don't think like them. Pretty hypocritical considering how intolerant they claim religious people are.


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  • I mean it's the same for the faithful, but whatever helps you sleep at night boyski.

  • Because religion must be satirized to show it's lunacy.

    • I think atheist beliefs are pretty dumb. Perhaps we should begin satire on the irrational of naturalism

  • Looks like someone's offended!