How much do you use your smartphone? Am I weird?

At the school I am the weirdest ( guy because I hate smartphones, everyone is texting, calling... I'm the one who doesn't carry my phone, they keep asking me if I'm on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Nimbuzz... I use it only for making calls and few texts. I've been started using it for GAG. Mostly I ise my computer for everything... Even I don't know why I don't like smartphones... How much do you use your smartphone? Am I weird?

  • 24/7 like your friends... So I carry it everywhere...
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  • I don't like smartphones, just like you...
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  • Everyone uses smartphone... Is such a great thing. You weirdo.
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  • Everyone have their own choice... Nothing's weird.
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  • I use my smartphone a lot... I don't know...
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  • I use my smartphone very less.
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  • I try not use technology a lot and I rarely end up using my phone (I only call and sometimes text) I think this generation is becoming obsessed with social media and peer pressure is a big part of it. Do whatever u want and don't let other people judge u. We r all unique people.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Continue to be yourself, it's what makes you unique.

    It's common people your age group are intertwined with their smart phone devices.

    I see nothing wrong with keeping up with fads but it's almost as if , the "mis-use of technology" is becoming the real problem, not technology itself.

    Although I am on the internet fairly often, I am not involved in any social-media sites, and who has how much followers or likes.
    That seems almost like what this generation is becoming.

  • Nothing weird about it. I like my smartphone because of the convenience when you're on the go. Like if I'm lost (which happens a lot) I can turn on google maps. I can also send group text with images or participate in group chats which was necessary for school group projects. I also use mine for educational purposes like learning a new language or watching tutorials. But I do prefer my desktop/laptop over everything.

  • I hate being on mine all the time.
    But, I'm in a long distance relationship, thus I'm pretty attached to it for that reason.

  • I actually like it better when people I am talking to are not glued to their phone, I want to be able to have a conversations without distractions, such as phones and other electronic devices. I use my smartphone a lot whem I'm all by myself, but I try keeping it in my bag at school, when around friends and with family. :)


What Guys Said 2

  • I don't have any phones I am not gonna be another brainwashed Amercian who is gonna let the corporations brainwash him and be led like a herd of sheep. Sheep? More like Sheeple I will not do the republicans and democrats biding. I am the most suspicious, inauspicious, vicious, malicious, delicious praise to be allah salam alakam eitha

  • i use mine everyday... i don't think ti's weird.