Did I do the right thing or not?

My boyfriend wants to fight my best friends boyfriend because he was talking shit about him etc etc and I was the one who told him he was chatting shit because he told me I can do better than him, he's ugly etc and I was obviously gonna tell my boyfriend what he said and my boyfriend got pissed as apparently this isn't the first time that he was nice to his face and talked behind his back. So my boyfriend and his friend were planning on fighting him. Then I told my best friend about what my boyfriend was planning on doing and she told her boyfriend and now her boyfriend is angry at me because he said those things to make me feel better at the time or something. My boyfriend isn't answering his call/texts so I'm assuming his friends got to him before I could and now I think I'm at risk of losing him over this. Am I wrong in telling my best friend that my boyfriend wanted to beat hers up? Or am I wrong for betraying my boyfriends trust and telling her? I didn't want anything bad to happen to her boyfriend so I told her but now I'm unsure whether or not I did the right thing...


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  • you did nothing wrong stay with your boyfriend and stay friends with your best pal. her boyfriend sounds like an asshole, he should keep his mouth shut and not be such a little bitch he started all of it out of nothing so it's his own fault he's not going to get respect if he doesn't treat others with it you were right to tell your boyfriend. It's up to you try persuade him not to fight him and to just stay away if it would ruin you and your best pals friendship


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  • Let em duke it out. Have a friend ref. It's could be a fun night. At the end they'll put they're differences aside.


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  • you did the right thing.