Who do I complain to?

About the mod who keeps freezing my account for no reason?


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  • My *guess* is that someone thinks you have two active accounts. Jimmmfi and Jimmmfi2.

    • BellePepper is on a roll today!!! Finding all the potential duplicate accounts on here. I am waiting for the asker to log out and then login as Jimmmfi to say no see there really is two of us lol

    • @Anon1999 tyvm for saying so! His old account is inactive though so I don't know what's going on in this situation. Don't leave us hanging Jimmmfi!

    • You're not off to a good second chance with this account either :c

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  • I'm sure there was a reason.

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    • Wrong again. On a roll aren't we?

    • Just because you don't believe you did anything wrong, doesn't mean you didn't violate any rules. Send any pictures of your penis to random women?

  • contact an admin on the bottom of the page.


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