How to get over a celebrity crush?

I guess i fell too hard for him and i'm realizing that i can never meet him because obviously why would someone so famous would love "me"? it is hard for me to concentrate on anything but him, so, what do i do? I am not psycho crazy or anything about him, it is just, i think about him all the time and i am stressed about it because i don't have a life apart from him. No trolls please. Thanks.


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  • I recall when I was 11 years old when I had this MAD Crush on a guy Tv that I became so Infatuated with that I drove my own mom and dad crazy because they didn't know what was wrong with me. I could have hopped a bus if I wasn't so wet behind the ears in years, dear, to go to his studio out in New York where I knew Where the show was taping, but it wasn't going to Happen so I had to bear this cross that I was carrying and Suffer... In silence.
    However, a year later, I met other guys in my school and with his show being cancelled, I moved on. I then found True love at age 13 when I met a guy from another school, who was the son of my family's friends.
    It seems you are not trying hard enough to lick your war wounds so it is getting harder for you to handle your own heart and this heart throb. But you Have to tell yourself that you either Find out where he is, go to him and see if it is something that you can make happen and it is Not a fairy tale fiction, or Move on and forget him and make the best of a bad situation.
    The guy I loved at one time on TV passed away a few years ago of liver problems and cancer. He didn't even look that cute anymore and what I wanted at eleven, is sure Not what I would want Now.
    Good luck. xx

    • I definitely like can't go and find where he lives or anything. I don't want him to think that I'm crazy or anything besides he has a model girlfriend now. But... This is hurting me way too bad. I thought there is at least one percent possibility of him and me being together or at least get him to like me. But reality is starting to hit me and it is SCREAMING at me because I'm feeling a little depressed at the fact that I'll never even get to meet him, he is my motivation and my inspiration for everything in my life. If it weren't for him, I would have never got this far in my life. I have always sort of felt that maybe he and I will meet one day, like there's a connection between us.

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    • I hope so... But thank you for your opinion.

    • It may take some time, sweetie, but try and busy yourself with New things and maybe hang around More here on GAG where you can share your feelings in helping others as well and feel so wrapped up in this that it helps pass the time and some hard heart times. xxoo


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  • Write Justin Beaver maybe you can both get together in real life and get married

    • Oh never mind I thought you were the same girl that had a real life Celb boyfriend she had claimed to have I read it wrong.

  • best way to forget is not to try to forget
    just live your life
    find a hobby
    keep busy
    soon you'll forget

  • fap like a mad man.

  • You asked something similar earlier. I have celebrity females I'm attracted to, but I mean you'll just have to find guys around you who are equally attractive.


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  • Hahahah, been there, done that. You'll get over him when you'll find a new celeb crush xD Or another crush in general, be it in real life or whatever.

  • You're potentially missing out of some great dates and meeting great guys by focusing your time on a celebrity. Chances are your feelings towards him are based on purely what you've seen and heard in the media, and that is not a good representation of the person in real life.

    It's okay to have a fun fantasy but if it starts to interfere with your day to day life you need help because you maybe have some mental disorder or unrealistic expectations of meeting and being with this person.