Guys, Dear insecure guys, what would make you feel special?

My boyfriend has a hard time loving himself and I want to make him feel good by doing some little things for him to put a smile on his face and remember that no matter what, I am so undeniably attracted to him and that I couldn't care less about weight or stretch marks or for some reason his forehead (?) haha

So dear guys who don't always feel like the greatest human being on the planet, what would you love a girl to do for you? It doesn't matter how cheesy it is, or how insignificant someone else might think it could be. I want to make him feel good about himself, even if I don't exactly like myself either x

just in advance I want to thank everyone who's helped out, it really means a lot to me 😊

I'm off to bed but any help is appreciated 😊 feel free to be anonymous if you don't want to be linked to what you say x
How do you like to be complimented?
Handsome sounds weird to me 😊


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  • since it's physical kissing and touching those spots for no reason might help. it has to seem spontaneous or he might think you're doing it for him and not because you like it. talk is cheap, let your actions speak for ya

    • I was actually considering giving him a hug from behind whilst he's getting changed but I wasn't sure if he'd be funny about that or not. In bed he adjusts where my hand is so it doesn't touch his belly. If I did do that though I'd have to stand on the bed so my arms wrap around where he feels comfortable and give him a little cheek or neck kiss 😊 (he's 6'4 and I'm 5'3)

    • You have weak resolve if he can deter you so easy, you must not really want to then. if you did he'd have to give up because you would never stop touching him since you like it

    • I love stroking his hair too but he's sensitive as and there's a limit haha
      Just like running my hands along his back gives him the shivers, or drawing circles with my fingers on the left side of his neck turns him on. I guess I'll have to give the half naked hug thing a go. I just don't want him to feel insecure, so maybe if I was shirtless too he'd feel better knowing I'm not comfortable with myself either but I'm comfortable around him.


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  • Being kissed on the cheek always makes me feel incredible. I don't exactly know why, but I think it's because it can only mean appreciation and/or that she wants me to feel good. In other words, if someone has sex with me, they're getting a benefit as well as I am. If someone invites me to dinner, they get to eat as well. If someone kisses my cheek, though, it can only be sincere--it can only mean that they want me to feel special.

  • I think hugs can go a long way.

    • I love hugs, maybe I should just give him hugs more 😊 he's always wanting to hold my hand in public or spoon in bed so I can't see him complaining about getting hugged more haha

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    • I left an envelope on his bed when I went over to pick up my laptop on Wednesday and it was filled with kit kats, a concert ticket and a note basically thanking him for being my rock, as the last few months in my family have been difficult. He's even going to come with me to the doctors next week at 8am to find out if what I've got requires surgery or if it's become cancerous. Like I said he's always just totally supportive of me which is why I try and make sure he knows how amazing he is as much as I can, without seeming like a crazy overboard girlfriend haha. Because he is so undeniably thoughtful I guess I want to know if there's any little things I can do that'll brighten up his day or make him feel as amazing as he makes me feel 😊

    • I have never had a girlfriend so I don't know the best advise to offer.

  • A good friend that is encouraging, kind never judging, and enjoys the little things in life

  • O uau, he is a luck guy.

    He is insecure in what kind of things?

    • He hates his weight, stretch marks and for some reason his forehead too. He's only taken his shirt off during sex twice but the light was off so even when getting changed I've never seen his chest bare. In fact I don't think anyone else has for a few years

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    • You seem an incredible girlfriend... i dont even know what can make him more happy...

      Some people may need to be treated a little harder to understand that they have to make choices, because only doing choices we can have form new reactions and change our spirit. I hope you understood me...

    • 100% understand where you're coming from 😊 thanks for the help by the way

  • Ermmm just being loved would be good

    • He knows I love him, and I know he's not quite there yet feelings wise but it doesn't bother me at all. I leave him little surprises here and there, whether it's his favourite ice cream or more recently a ticket to see British India. How would you like to be shown?

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    • Lucky them

    • Make a fake chick profile and you'll understand where I'm coming from haha
      Seriously though, you'll find someone x