Why are there so many Taurus and Capricorns every where?

AND Cancers!!! I have yet to meet a Gemini male (not that I'd want to date one). I am NOT compatible with Cancer men. I could possible make it work with Taurus and Capricorns, but I really wouldn't reccomend these men for a Gemini woman, he can't handle our complexicity in personality.

I am compatible with Libras, Aquarius and Leos! Where are all of these men? I usually end up dating Taurus, Caricorns and I just got out of a nightmarish relationship with a Cancer (and Cancer's are a Gemini's WORST match. If they manage to make it work, they will have a relationship that rivals all other star signs, but before it can get to that point, they both have to be willings to overcome the man MANY trails and storms they will face as a couple who are complete opposites!).

I wish I could meet men who are Libra, Aquarius, or Leos! But damn, there are not many out there. I haven't even met another Gemini man before.


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  • There's a thing called the Rising Sign or ascendant. It changes your appearance to the world and how you see/interact with the world.
    For example, I'm a Taurus, but my rising is Gemini, so I get surrounded by air and fire signs almost all the time.
    However, the first impression wears off and they see I'm more "bullish" than they thought.
    Look into yours.

    • Inbox me, we need to talk more about astrology because I am interested in this and had no knowledge of what you just informed me off.

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  • Surprise! People are born every day of the year, not just in October, February and July!


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  • Because people hump the most during certain parts of the year so most children are born under those signs? :/

  • Hey, i'm a capricorn!! Mountain goat for life.

  • I have no idea but on here I haven't seen that many Scorpio's either. maybe like 3.

  • well, I'm a sagittarius here