How often do you assume a guy and a girl are dating when you see them togheter?

I have been hanging out with a guy friend quite a lot, and we have fun togheter. We go to restaurants togheter and stuff... but im a bit worried that people might think we're dating or something like that.

So if you see a girl at school or something like that hanging out with a guy, how often do you assume they are more then friends?


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  • well I had this BFF that had a boyfriend for lots of years. We would always spend time together: going in breaks or eating together, going to get ice cream and stuff. This girl that knew both of us once said to us: how you two standing there like lovers.
    It might seem ok to you, but others might get a different view on your "relationship"
    Also there's this girl that I now like, but in the beginning I wasn't even thinking of her, because she had this guy around her all day and I thought they are together.
    After 4 months that I realized they might not be together, but still they act strange: going everywhere the other goes (the exceptions are rare), sleeping in the same bed and even stranger: cuddling. I honestly think they even bang each other. Which is keeping me from trying to date that girl.

    • So you think that people assume we are more then friends?

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    • There were other two that I was shocked to find out they are actually together when in fact they didn't look like it. So when there's no sign that crosses what I consider "friendship limits" then I don't assume those two are together.

    • If you do everything together, then I'd assume you two are together. I mean, you need to be able to walk around without the other being there. Even good friends spend time apart

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  • iv told myself numerous times not to assume anything unless it's blatantly obvious, so i like to go with that point of view.

    i mean it really isn't fair to just assume every girl and guy hanging out are dating, like no other kind of relationship is possible -.-


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  • I don't think so much nowadays unless they are holding hands or something, cross gender friendships seem very common now.

  • I do so almost every time is see a man and a woman of roughly the same age. Easier that way.

  • I don't make assumptions its a rude thing to do. It's like the old saying goes "if you assume you make an ass out of you and me"


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