Have you guys and lady's ever watch the Duggan family before it got cancelled?

So I wonder if you lady's, and guys geared about josh sugars downward spiral
I dont understand why he would he cheat on is wife. they have four kids two boys, two girls
Come on. Josh duggar was my favorite person , but now he just kind of hurt me
He doesn't seem to care thst he is making mistakes. Anna seriously how can you be with someone you cheat on you , what are you teach your children it's okay for husbands to cheat on there wife's , it's okay if people forgive you , yeah they well forgive you but they won't forget
You let us down stop these before someone gets hurt. If I was you Anna I would take the kids and leave. How do you know for sure he won't do stuff like that to is own kids.
It doesn't seem like he, got help at all. Whats your thought opinion?


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  • People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...


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  • never seen it.


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  • Nope that family sucks. They use their power and money to discriminate against others that don't follow their extremist religious and conservative views. Fuck them.

  • I watched a couple of episodes.