Could you ever stay with someone that was getting deployed?

My boyfriend is in the marine corps and I am terrified of him getting deployed.


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  • Well apart from the fact that I'm very much anti-military and I couldn't possibly have a girlfriend who is pro-miitary for political reasons, I also would find it extremely hard to deal with the fear of her getting deployed. I wouldn't be scared about the cheating aspect (I told my girlfriend that she's allowed to have sex with other guys) but I would definitely be extremely scared of her getting severely injured or even killed. The mere thought gives me goosebumps. I might be a little bit of a girl in this but I already get worried when my girlfriend goes on vacation on her own. Sometimes I even worry about her when she does every day life stuff like riding her bike to the train station because she could hypothetically get hit by a car. I just love my girlfriend so incredibly much. I think if she died I couldn't live anymore either. She's the one who gives me purpose in life. So no, I don't think I could handle the idea of her getting deployed. Luckily, I live in a country where military service is only mandatory for men and that hasn't participated in or directly experienced any hostile military conflicts since the Napoleonic war in 1798.


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  • Only and if only we were madly in love, he was loyal, and had never done me wrong.


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  • It comes with the territory. This is the life he chose. He signed up to serve and if he's ordered to go, then he has to go.

    Your have every reason to worry for his safety and to worry about what your life will be like during the time that he would be deployed. The thing is though that the knowledge of your love will help make it all worth it for him while he'd be away. That's what will keep him going when things get tough.

    • I think another way to put it would be that his love and devotion to his country will be influenced by your love and devotion to him.

    • He said the same thing... He said that the fact that I was waiting for him would push him to try harder to get home in one piece. I laughed at him that it was so cheesy but he looked like he meant it.

  • See that's why I think people going in the military should go single.

    • I guess but that is like saying that they shouldn't have a family or friends either.

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    • Well I have a vibrator for that and I will just Skype him as much as I can. If I'm really that desperate for affection I have friends.

    • Alright. We'll see... or I guess you will.

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  • yes i'm engaged to a military man i haven't seen him in 8 weeks i see him in 8 more weeks when we get married but i still won't be able to see him during deployment. i'll stay with him no matter what