Do you think Ben Carson would be a good president?

Do you think Ben Carson would be a good President? Why or why not? And give your honest opinions...


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  • Yeah honestly I think if he is the republican candidate i would vote for him! I think he is very honest, smart, level headed, educated, successful, and kind. He's not obsessive with money like Trump is. As of what we know now he isn't a liar which is great. And he has no background in politics which is great too. I don't know if that is a great reasoning, but I like him


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  • I think he is a smart guy and I am certain he can do a good job, my concern is more on foreign policy, but I will listen to him to see what he has to say, I like what I have heard so far.

  • Ben Carson would make a decent President. He is unquestionably a genius and a great role model... certainly the best example of the American Dream running.

  • Him and Rand Paul are the only candidates I'd consider voting for.

  • He lacks education in his foreign policy and he at one time didn't know
    what it was , now if the man had about 8 years of political field i bet he
    would be educated enough to be President but he would need to be
    a Senator or a Governor. I will have to say Trump has already got
    enough people brainwash and he will be hard to beat i do not support
    him for President but it will hard for any Democrat to beat him but
    Ben Carson has never been a Governor of any state he would be
    like re-electing President Obama another man who was a Junior
    Senator and pretty much lacks so much in the political field also
    Donald Trump lacks ability to be US President so the Democrats
    gotta come up with some strategy and i really have lot doubt about
    Joe Biden , Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders


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