What's worse - withdrawing a job application or saying yes to "are you interested in this alternative position we'd like to offer you" then declining?

Which is more likely to burn down bridges?

Scenario A - Turning down an interview
Scenario B - Saying yes to when asked by the hiring manager if you're interested in an alternative offer and then later declining the offer when it comes through from HR.

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  • Scenario B
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  • Don't turn down the interview. If you don't want the job, ask for a lot of money. They'll either decline or you'll have a very high paying job.

    • Really? I thought it was more rude to decline a job offer you've technically already accepted.

    • The impression I got from your question was that you were interested in TALKING ABOUT a position, not that you'd already talked money and made a deal.

      You can always back out for any reason. If you've already agreed on compensation that makes it awkward, but from your question I thought that hadn't happened yet.