Would you unblock your ex on Facebook?

Lets say things didn't end well and you left your ex. Since the breakup they randomly reach out to you via your inbox on Facebook. So then you block them because you're tired of the bullshit. Is that allowing them to win? Or would you unblock them so that they can see how good you look and how happy you are without them?


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  • It isn't about winning or losing, if anything you're just raising more hell if you want more attention from him/her. No one wins or loses, I still have my ex blocked and we broke up around 2 years ago. I just don't want to deal with bullshit.


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  • To answer the question in your title? Phuck no!!
    Ofcourse I'm not a chick either.
    I don't need the satisfaction of vindictiveness for her knowing that I've moved on happily without her. That's why I left her ass; because I wasn't happy with her. So the break up would naturally be the beginning of me doing fine. Yes, I would miss the sex and dread having to find someone else I can trust with my body, but it's worth it if I don't have to go through the heartache caused by my Ex, that she seemed to thrive on.


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  • I wouldn't bock them in the first place.
    They wanna be creepy then let them xD