What Laptop Is Best For Me?

My parents offered to help me purchase a laptop for college which is great! The only problem is that I have no idea what laptop is right for me. I need a laptop that's portable so I can slip it into my bag, but not too small. It needs to have a great display since I travel a lot and need my Netflix to keep me sane. I'm really into art/photography so something with good storage and editing software is a must. I've been looking into the new MacBook Pro with retina display, but I don't know! I need help deciding!


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  • MacBook Air would be my recommendation cause it's nice and light. But I guess if you need to edit stuff a MacBook Pro would be better.


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  • the macbook pro is great (I have the 13" and I wish I had the money for the 15"... the 13" is just so small haha) but it is really expensive and you need to figure out if you really need that *much* of a computer. (I use mine for lots of photo editing and graphic design)

    i would make a chart of the specs of a 15" Macbook Pro (price, weight, dimensions, RAM, hard drive space, screen resolution, etc) and then compare that to a few other brands (Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo). You might find a laptop with similar specs for half the cost. That might be a better deal if this is mainly to be used as an "everyday" laptop for checking email, typing up notes, etc.

    as a comparison... my college gave every freshmen a laptop (included in our tuition) and it wasn't the most amazing laptop but it definitely worked just fine for schoolwork and 90% of the time streaming Netflix with like 15 tabs open is perfectly fine. It was 5 pounds (not the heaviest thing but wasn't lightweight either... I think its a pretty average weight). 14" display & 128GB hard drive (which I thought was enough... you might want to keep large photo files on an external hard drive though... you could also use it to back up your papers and other files. 500GB would be enough but if 1 TB is like $10 more then it wouldn't hurt to have more space haha)

    In conclusion, I would look for something 5 pounds-ish, a screen 14" or bigger, and something with at least 8GB RAM for a quick laptop. You can get Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom for $10 a month or you can get the complete Creative Cloud suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, Dreamweaver, etc) for $20 a month with the student discount. I would also add that a glossy screen makes your photos look so much better than a matte screen haha.


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  • how much are you looking to spend?

  • the macbook is great!!