I think something is going on between them... What do you think?

So I kinda had a crush on my coworker Lance. He made it seem like he was interested in me but today I went to the lunch which is on the 2nd floor when I was coming out of the elevator he was going towards the elevator with his Manager Alexis. As soon as they saw me, they stopped talking and he ignored me like I didn't exist. It pissed me off because we're friends and he always talks to me... So anyways I acted like I didn't see him and as soon as they got into the elevator they started talking again... Then when I went back to my work area I was trying to avoid him but he was sitting at the entrance... I tried to walk fast so that he couldnt see me but he saw me and stopped me... He talked to me like nothing and he offered me food.. But I happened to glance at his computer and their was an instant message from Alexis his manager. Managers aren't really suppose to instant message anyone below them but she is. So I left it at that. Something is going on? Or?

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  • there probably is.