Do any other girls fart more while on their period?

I dont know why but when I have my period I often fart more and it really stinks. A guy friend told me his wife is the same. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know why it happens?


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  • This is really common for a lot of girls when they are on their period. Don't ask me how I know I just do LOL.

    • It is really weird -you would think what on earth does a uterus have to do with the digestive system...

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    • Thank you for MHA

    • No problem :-)

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  • meeeeeee !

    • Cool thanks for your answer!
      Do you notice that when you drop one and you think you are alone, someone walks in - I once had to say to a new boyfriend, omg dont come near me unless you want to die. He said "what?" I said "oh I just dropped one and trust me you do not want to smell it"

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    • Hahaha - I get them more often and a lot of them are really stinky. My guy friend said his wife would drop one in the car and not tell him so he had no chance to put the window down and when he was nearly passing out she would laugh her a$$ off... hahaha

    • hahahahahhahaha

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