Why do girls think you are gonna rob them when you randomly sit near them waiting for your command in a public place?


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  • Unfortunately some guys just give off this aura that they are dangerous and/or disrespectful towards women. I a not saying this is you but sometimes I've been around guys and I've thought "I really want to get away from you" but that's my gut instinct kicking in. We all judge whether we say we do or not.

    • I'm a nice looking guy. Even one of my friends once told me that even if i had a scare in my face, i would still look innocent and clean. But i think i wasn't dressed well. I was chilling at home and felt like going to buy myself a sandwich so didn't think about wearing something nice. So as i was waiting for my command, i looked around for a free spot where i can sit and i went sit near her. She briefly looked at me and then changed her handbag to the other side in rude way. That really did hurt me. I felt like telling her i had no intention to rob her because i sooo don't need to but stayed silent instead.

    • scar*

    • People can be strange sometimes. Perhaps she saw there were other free seats and you could have sat down elsewhere. I wouldn't let it bother you too much as SHE may just have a bad attitude in general.

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  • Women are paranoid and probably should all be given medication for psychosis. Don't take the offense personally.


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  • Paranoia?
    Fear of the unknown.


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  • Not all girls do maybe it was the way you were dressed