Guys, She is 15 and pregnant, how to face this?

she is 15 and pregnant and she is not going to abort. How she can face this? I dont know what to tell her!


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  • My cousin was once 15 and pregnant, she had her son at 16. It's always complicated, but if she's having the baby she should face it with responsibility and take care of the child. Oh, the guy who put the baby there should be held responsible for his child too.


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  • I don't see why she's not getting an abortion. Her entire life is going to go down the shitter now. If I were you I'd do anything to convince her to get rid of it.

  • she should abort it or its gonna ruin her life

  • Well damn. She's gonna have to tell the guy unless he already knows. she's in a bad position and its gonna take a lot of willpower to overcome what she's going through.

    • The guy doesn't knows yet. He is 17 and I dont think he loves her. He just wanted to have sex. So I dont know what will be his reaction.

    • There are two things he could possibly do.
      1. Man up and take responsibility of the child
      2. Completely go mindless and have no idea what to do possibly breaking all contact with her and saying its not his. Thus, leaving her to raise the child on her own.

      I would possibly try convincing the girl to abort, only because being 15 and pregnant can eitheir destroy your life or slow it down drastically.

  • Does the guy know

    • He doesn't knows yet. He is 17 years old.

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    • I think he will run away. He is not really in love with her. He just wanted sex.

    • Get a couple guys an explain how runnings not a option