What do you guys think about the news reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward who got shot live on tv by former news reporter Bryce William?

This is the full coverage story of what happened on WDBJ live coverage from when Alison Parker was interviewing this woman and gun man Bryce Williams who used to be a reporter himself for WDBJ shot news reporter Alison Parker. Bryce uploaded the video on twitter himself before taking his own life while in a police chase. A lot of the people are thinking that the shooting was fake and wasn't real what's your whole take on it.


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  • I think it sucks to be them


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  • Fawk da people, fawk dem all! 👿

  • I think it's funny how when a white nutjob committed a hate crime targeted blacks, the entire country lost their minds. Ban the Confederate flag, cancel civil war reenactments, pull the Dukes of Hazzard off TV, vandalize war memorials, exhume 150-year-old graves, and on and f***ing on.

    When a black nutjob committed a hate crime targeting whites, nobody wants to scrutinize his motives, the victimhood mentality he espoused - the same PC entitlement bullshit being impressed on children nationwide in our school systems. All anyone talks about is the gun.