If you could have dinner with any famous historical figure, celeb, or cartoon or fictional character past or present, who would it be and why?

For me it would be Robin Williams, Winston Churchill, and Hank Hill, I think those would be great dinner guests. Remember this is just for fun.


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  • Riker Anthony Lynch, Rydel Mary Lynch, Ellington Lee Ratliff, Rocky Mark Lynch, Ross Shor Lynch and Ryland micheal Lynch. They're from my favorite band, R5


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  • Louis zamperini, eric lomax, Anne frank, I want to ask louis and eric about PoW experiences and how exactly they could give full forgiveness to the torturer.
    Anne frank, I want to chat with her, her diary is amazing.
    Actually, I would really love to ask Hitler one question, why would you do tht, about the jews.

    • I had thought about Hitler too, just to ask him that, and why he was like he was

    • Makes us curious right? There must be something not just a propaganda, and how they treated jews like they hate them so much. I'm thinking there's something personal behind it. Maybe.

    • I believe it was more or less his followers like Goring, Goebbels, Himmler etc... that brought on most of the hate.

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  • tayuya, hot girl.