FBI came to my boyfriends house?

So a few days ago, the FBI came to my boyfriends house. I wasn't there, or his mom because she was on vacation for a week. They waited until he left his house to confront him and litterally there were like 20 police cars, lights everywhere and even a helicopter surrounding his place. They went inside to do a search and took his phone, laptop and destroyed his car to pieces and took that too. My boyfriend said they did that bc they think his car is stolen (which its not) and someone clearly set him up and framed him. They didn't take him away bc they didn't find any clear evidence, but they are coming back soon and worse case senario.. he will go to a far away prison-like place. Not a normal prison.. this one is much worse where the bad of the bad go to. Something about the car being alined with something much much serious (which i couldnt wrap my heard around or understand) and its not your oridinary car thief. I don't know... im really lost in all of it. When i went to see him really late ine night after finding out what happened, we were both paranoid and throughout the night kept hearing things in the house. And the next day when i went to drive home at night... I stopped at a stop sign to let this back car go by. It drove by soooo slowly and had a white square on the side of the car with black lettering of the number 17. When it was driving bu, it seemed like it was watching me. My boyfriend is sure he is being framed and set up... and told me he might have to go away for a year or so. I dont want that to happenšŸ˜– Advice?


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  • the fbi destroyed the car because it was supposed to be stolen? thatĀ“s not what the fbi does...

    • if they took his phone and laptop, he probably did something wrong on the internet.

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    • Actually, that's the number several sites stated on Google.

    • tried hard to find it. could only find numbers for death centence and shit like that.


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  • Have you contacted a lawyer yet? If not do so NOW I mean stop reading this and call a lawyer! Next relax, if he hasn't done anything then they'll look and look but if they don't find anything they'll leave you alone. Next take everything they have given you, search warrants business cards and such and go through them, the reason for the search must be listed and their will be a judge who signed it. Judges can be met with, and you can dispute the warrant.

  • DI'd they have a warrant and i would say the car he might have bought legal Was used in a murder or bank Robbery or they think he's a hacker on massive drug dealers but any way they can't send him to gontomano bay

  • he might be lying to you he could have done something pretty bad and he does not want to tell you because the FBI is a bit better then to just go to people with no evidence and fuck with the.


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