Is it bad that I'm having my friend's kid sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend and me?

I'm watching him and he said that he wanted to sleep with me and not alone. I figured that is fine but my boyfriend is over and I was wondering if it is bad to have a 3 year old kid that isn't ours in bed with us. Also, before this question comes up, no my boyfriend and I aren't going to kiss or anything, just cuddle.


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  • It will be fine


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  • It feels a bit strange. If i were you, I'd ask his parents just to be sure. But if the childnwants to sleep with you, i think it may be more appropriate for your boyfriend to sleep on another bed for the night

    • Well my friend is at a retreat that took his phone away and the mom is out the picture. Also would it even be fine to have the kid with me and not my bf?

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    • Haha lol that's cute. It seems like you have the situation under control so there's no need to worry :)

    • We ended up having my boyfriend spoon me from behind while I hugged my friend's kid. It seemed to work.

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