Any ute drivers/owners out there?

Anyone drive a Holden ss ute? From 2004 onwards? Just want to know what they're like on fuel, to drive etc before I dive in and buy one
thanks in advance 😊
P. s. This is what I want (it's a 2007)

Any ute drivers/owners out there?


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  • They use roughly 10 litres per 100kms.

    So if you were to go on a 200km trip, you would use about 20 litres which would normally cost about $30 depending on the petrol price of the day.

    However, being stopped at traffic lights etc actually uses more fuel so it would be more than that.

    Unless you really need a ute to lug shit around, its really quite impractical to have one.

    • Is this in reference to th models that I mentioned? Or them new flash ones?
      Also, in reference to its practicality
      1. Farm kid right here✋🏼
      2. Going to be starting a carpentry apprenticeship soon
      So yeah, I'll most likely be lugging shit around, and a ute like this seemed a lot more practical than your typical ute (the brother got one and it uses a crap ton of fuel and doesn't even fit in underground parking with his spotties on so he basically can't drive it in the city..)

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    • Cool, hope it all works out for the best

    • Cheers😊

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  • The Maloo's take up $80-$100 to fuel up. Last about a week or a week and a half (depends how much you drive the car). Any Holden ute will drain petrol. They aren't great on fuel overall.

    • I think the maloo is a bit different from an ss and a LOT more expensive..

    • The Maloo is a V8. But still apart of Holden. They kind of started when the Utes then the ss then the maloo's. All Holdens are expensive on fuel.


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  • I don't drive one but they will not be the world's best car on fuel. Probably will cost you more than $100 every week to run.


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