Lost a grand in a weekend... help me feel better with some advice and past experiences?

Basically a terrible Friday night. Started off with a burst tyre cost £110. Another £60 on petrol to and from middle england. Drinks cost £40. Lost them.. And to top it off i fell into a bog swamp and destroyed my iphone 6. Will cost me £700 or so to replace when the iphone 7 comes out. Not to mention id just spent like £400 setting up a speaker system in my car. only for my iphone *mp3* to break.
I am constantly burdened with these sorts of costs and it really annoys me i always seem to have to waste my hard earned money on these things when loads of people around me just get funded by their parents.


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  • Save on money the following months


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  • I've been here on this page 5 minutes, thinking about what to say to make you forget about all those, I don't know :( I'm just really sorry all that happened and I hope you'll see happier events in the future!!