How to leave a misogynist mentality?

So, Ima be honest, I can't fucking stand girls, Which is pretty fucked up because im straight. I mean, I struggle to hold a conversation for them i just have that little respect for them. When i think of them, I just think of them as snotty, bitchy, greedy, shallow assholes.

And, I know i suck for doing that, And, i dont want to think like that, but i just do, I cannot fucking stand them.

Like, In college, There is this group of 3 girls who is friends with my sister, And every morning (I get to college early and just read or something) and this group will come over and sit with me and talk to me, And i fucking hate it. Every time they speak i just want to tell them to fuck off. All they do is bitch about people and say stupid and or snidey shit.

Is it normal to feel like this about girls? If not, What can i do to not be like that any more as i realise it makes me a twat.


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  • Well kudos to you for not asking "Why are girls so fucking annoying?" or something like that.

    Do you hate your sis too? Maybe figure out when/why you started hating them, then try and see that in a different point of view
    And maybe try to get to know someone (maybe one girl for now), better - one who preferably shares common interests and who you find less superficial.

    • Obviously not my sister, Just because she is family, But, Even the girls in my family piss me off sometimes.

      Its just this attitude girls have i cannot stand, Its hard to describe, They always have to have the best stuff and be better then the other girls and when they aren't all they do is bitch and bitch and bitch about each other behind their backs, I just can't fuckin stand it. And, Everytime i see a girl, Regardless of how nice she is trying to come off as, I know deep down, She is just as bitchy and shallow as the rest of them.

      And, It sucks, Because, I would like to believe that wasn't true, But it always has been so i can't shake the mentality even though i realise its a bad mentality to have.

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    • No single event really, just nothing has made me think otherwise, and as with any emotion that isn't changed, it pnly gets more solidified over time :/

    • well we aren't all assholes...
      I still hope you'll be able to see that someday c:

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  • I feel the same way and I know exactly what you mean (although I feel the same way about men too). Most are airheads. They just chatter about meaningless shit that doesn't matter, and as you mentioned they're most often materialistic and constantly trying to outdo each other e. g. I was walking through town with a girl and she saw someone she knew. They ran to each other and hugged and all that, chattered a load of "he said she said" bullshit, told each other how nice they looked bla bla bla. Then the other girl invited the girl I was with to her birthday party, which she enthusiastically accepted before they left. We took a few steps and she said "am I fuck going to her party. I can't fucking stand her, fat bitch". That's just one example of many. I guess my only advice is to avoid those kinds of girls and eventually you might find a decent one out there if you're lucky, they do exist.


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  • That's a pretty extreme way to feel. Really all I can tell you is try to catch yourself when you're thinking these thoughts. Realize that they're hurtful and may be untrue, then keep yourself from doing it again. A lot of fixing a problem like that is realizing that you're doing it, then telling yourself over and over that that's not a way to think.

    • Highly doubt any of those thoughts are untrue

    • While some of them might really be annoying, thinking every single woman you hear is annoying isn't really that true. It may seem true to you, they are your thoughts after all, but they're not. You understand that you're having misogynist thoughts, but you need to work to resolve it. You need to try to understand that every person has their own thoughts and their own reasons for being how they are.

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  • Welcome to my life. I feel the same about most girls as well. I used to get so irritated that people thought I am some monk or something. I tried to make amends by started to bare with it. Only time I can make a conversation is online with my university classfellows otherwise I hardly say a word.
    I used to be irritated but now I just laugh it off that girls or even some boys think I am being weird. You will leave it with time. What is your age by the way?

  • welcome to the 21st century bro

  • Everything you said is 100% right, why would you want to change?

  • go read the red pill on reddit and you will feel better