Is it weird that I "assume" everyone are virgins?

is it weird that i "assume" that everyone are virgins? If i know they are in a relatioship i dont do assume it, but often i get suprised when people tell me about their sexual past for example.

From experience most people assume you're not a virgin.. or maybe they just assume im not a virgin


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  • Were you surprised when yo found out that your parents had sex? And still do?

    • no, not really.. im not stupid lol

    • I don't think you are stupid. Just poking a little bit of fun at you. I am amazed at the number of young people who think it is totally gross when they find out their parents have sex even today. They think "They are too old for that". Fat chance! their grandparents are still having sex, also.

  • I always assume all the girls i meet are nasty and down for anything. Im sadly dissapointed when it turns out they only do it in the missionary position. Yet here i am thinking girls are wild and crazy and nasty. Guess i live in a city of prudes lol.

  • No it is not. I assume the same as well.

  • Why assume anything about them?

    • well i guess "assume" is the wrong word, to word it better i get suprised when people tell me they have had sex basically

    • That makes more sense. People can be really different from how they behave around others.

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