I know this sounds like a dumb question but I want to know if this is possible?

Ok my long distant boyfriend sent me a birthday cake (it was from Harry & David Bakery, online ordering) it was super sweet that he got me a birthday cake but I'm all paranoid that it has drugs in it. When I opened the box it was sealed but still. Is this possible to smuggle drugs that was purchased online? I have trust issues with guys.


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  • I seriously doubt there's drug in it


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  • Ok anything is possible but let's look at this realistically. Who would drug you? Your boyfriend is far away so there would be no point in doing it. I doubt that the delivery person knew you lived there. If a drug dealer was trying to smuggle drugs in cake boxes and one accidentally ended up at your house it would be in baggies. You couldn't accidentally be drugged that way.

    Have your cake and eat it too


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  • Well like you say, you have trust issues.


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