How can I Car Sit his car without being illegal?

Okay so my oldest cousin is moving to california Monday auguest 31, 2015 I get my liecence September 2,2015. He has a mustang with no A/C and no radio and pays $400 a month. So my plan was i write a letter of things i promise to do for him until he come back which is get my liecence, get car insurane, pay $200 every two weeks, save money fix his a/c and radio. The problem is if i get pulled over and they ask if i why i have him car then will i get in trouble. and what can i do so i can get them to say yes about be keeping the car untill Christmas please help me i nneeddd a car.


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  • Have him write you a note stating you are in custody of the car until he returns


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  • It's going to be illegal until you get your licence