Does anybody know a good dream interpretation site that offers FREE dream interpretations?

I used to use Yahoo Answers but I find that most of the questions I ask get ignored because there are more trolls then there are experienced dream interpreters. I am on a budget and cannot pay to have a proper interpretation done.


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  • dreamingthedreams. com/

    mydreamvisions. com/

    I'd suggest you seek people who knows what they're doing
    rather than random sites though, as dreams tends to speak in riddles.


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  • There r sites to interpret dreams in the islamic way , i do use that actually for my dream i am muslim but i guess u can like it too?

    • I am aware of that but the problem is my dream is contextual and sequential - you can interpret symbols through various websites but most dream interpretation sites cannot give you details on sequences or complex ideas that combine different symbols together.

    • It works for me , I see what every symbol means then i try to put it together and not make a big deal of it tbh cuz the most meaningful dreams are those that we make just before the sun rises. Anyway u may try that?

    • Thanks for mho ^^


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  • I usually look up those dream interpretation dictionaries online and try to work out my dreams from that - They are usually free

  • Think I found one for you:
    When you start dreaming 'bout monkeys let me know okay :D


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