I'm going insane I'm really depressed what do I do?

My life is garbage I'm almost 30 and I can't turn it around I tried finding a better job no luck I work in mcdoanlds amnd live with my aprents I have a break down going on on life is pretty much over after 30 and I tried college but failed 6 times in a row and can't afford it anymore I tried to start a business but failed 3 times I also tired building a better body (I'm really skinny look like a crack head) and while it was working I can't afford the food bills to do it.

I try extremely hard to turn my life around but nothing works what am I doing wrong? I already gave up on women because I'm extremely ugly. I just want to fix my life but I have no clue how. I need some advice


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  • There's no shame in not going to college or failing, especially if you have trouble learning. You could always try a technical college or train for a specific job that you can maybe have an easier time learning, it's also a lot cheaper in some situations.

    If you don't want to do that then why not look into a better paying job or one that offers training. Or you could keep the one you have and move to a cheaper place if possible or try to cut some of your bills. If you're good with people or can at least pretend to be, a job that involves tips is normally pretty decent money honestly.

    You can change your looks to an extent, if you really are "extremely ugly" you could still work out (you say you can't afford the food for it but you can still work out regardless) you could also shop at cheaper places or make smoothies instead of buying fresh fruit/vegetables, I get the packs of frozen fruit at the dollar tree for $1 lol. You could also dress better, there are almost always things people who are "unattractive" can do to make themselves look a little better.

    I think you should take some time and focus on yourself and getting your life straight, you don't have to go to college or start a business to be happy, you can always improve things some how. Then put yourself out there, if you have a good personality and your life is just a little on track then your bound to meet someone.

    Also if you really need to, then maybe try talking to someone professionally or a doctor? if you could feel better then you might be motivated to change things that bother you or not let them get you down so much.

    • oops I forgot you said you live with your parents, sorry I didn't see that until now. Which bills do you have then? like a car note and utilities?

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    • Geez that must do wonders for self esteem.

    • Thats just how things are over here if you are ugly or fat its okay to just say it in the persons face

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  • I can just predict people on here, who live perfect fucking lifes in reality are going to say shit to you like ''dont worry everything is okay and will get better'', And other nonsensical bullshit people like us no isn't true.

    To be honest dude, I dont think there is much you can do, Sadly, Life fucking sucks dick hard, and we just gotta accept it and live with it, Or not accept it and waste ourselves.

    All the best mate.

    • Dude you're under 18 so obviously haven't lived life so don't even bother trying to answer his question or help him :P

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    • hey hey no fighting now kids

    • ... -____-


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  • Or you know you could just talk it out with me like I offered but alas you're too stubbourn, just because I'm 16. 😐

    • no thanks

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    • I'm not assuming anything?

    • you asumed I show this atitute in public and I'm tired of this I appreciate that you wanna help I really do but Iu dont have time to argue with a kid

  • Maybe you can join the army

    • I can't mental comnditions

    • I can't join mental conditions disquilify me

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  • *SLAP*

    Get up and be a man. Some of the most successfully men in this world have beaten all odds, men from recent history to ancient history; they just believed they had something of value. Make up your Mind. A set back is a set up for a come back..

    • yep but I got nothing of value

    • that's the hardest part... understanding what your possible of...

  • Sounds like you need to find your passion. Find the thing that you can put everything you have into and just go for it.
    You can do it! 30 is still young my man, keep on trudging!

    • I love skateboarding but that will only keep me looking skinny and people say I'm on crack and of course no one wants that and yes what people sya matters

    • Yeah it matters to a point but really if you skate, you gotta skate for you! That's the only way you will ever have the drive to become truly successful. Also eating more, I know it's hard man but you gotta do it. Look I tried to starve myself to death a while back and I almost succeeded so I understand being depressed and it being hard to get hungry. Now I get decently hungry and am almost back to a healthy weight. I took some time and found my passion for life and now I listen to the opinion of others sure, but it's my decision and my drive that will cause it to happen.

    • I've been hitting the gym and gained 27 pounds but my money problems won't allow me for the diet needed to keep gaining muscle I can't find another job either I'm always looking I only make like 300 dollars a month

  • Hahahhaha got DAAAAAAAYUM bruh! U be high on sum sorta zombie drugz :I

    • I'm not high on anything dumbass this is a serious issue

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    • yes it kinda is I'm 27 and life is pretty uch garnage after 30

    • 27 and add 70 more years. U will have yo answer 👌🏼

  • At this point i have no idea. All i do know is you can never give up.