Going into a field for the money?

Anyone ever did this, and if u not all that into the field of study but i know when i focus i can do anything i put my mind to i am focused on conquring it


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  • I don't think that many people go into a field -purely- for the money.

    I think what's far more common is people have an idea of what an acceptable lifestyle is to them, then select from the professions that will put them in that income bracket. They might not be passionate about any of those choices, but they still pick the one they like the most.

    It's true that for some people, the list of 'acceptable professions' consists of management consultant, surgeon, corporate lawyer, investment banker.


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  • I was going to go for pharmacists because it kind of interested and it the salary was pretty high.

    But I keep doing more research and gave up on the idea.

    I thought I could work there for the high salary but nope.
    No matter how goal oriented I am, I couldn't see myself being a pharmacist.

    The work didn't suit me... only the goal of it did.

    So research more on the field. What do they have to do, is it mostly standing job, hours, etc.

    • well i know a man who has a Phd in it, he liked the same thing i like and the same reason he gave of entering the field was the same reason i had, before switiching so i guess since he switched and now is a DR, maybe it goes hand in hand

  • I think its more about finding something i enjoy or don't mind that pays well enough for me


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  • I actually like what I do being a nurse in a private care home