Mixed race or fully black?

My dad is a mix race his mom is mixed with Indian and black and his dad is black. My mom she is a fully black so what does that make me ? Am a fully black or mixed. ?


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  • Your mixed you can only be fully black and both your parents are, if either one of your folks is mixed then that makes you mixed. Your probably pretty close to being full blooded though since one of your parents is a pure blood.


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  • You aren't even mixed neither is your dad. It's your grandmother that's mixed, and she's still ethnic because it's not like she's mixed with white. Girl, you are black.

    • Black and proud love. 😌😌

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  • You are mixed - My math 3/4 black and 1/4 indian

  • Just go with black. I think your dad is just black too. He's like a quarter Indian. You are even less so.
    If we can go by such small percentages to be navigate out of identifying as what we mostly are, everyone can claim to be mixed.

    • I love my skin , I doesn't really matter is just when I tell my friends that I'm not 100% black they tell me I'm lying and I'm fully black because of how curly and thick my hair is and my brown skin.

    • Oh okay. I thought you were talking about like officially or something.

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