How do you think the world would react if Jesus returned in all of his "glory and power"?

Like he's flying and doing cool miracles and he's attended by legion of angels. I'm not Christian but I do believe in prophecies to a degree.


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  • They'd probably run screaming. Jesus said that as he came like a lamb the first time, he's coming back like a lion... most people believe this to mean good ol' J. C. is coming to fuck your shit up! The sufficiently godly will be shown the mercy of a quick and (I'm guessing here) painless death and the rest will have to live through X number of years of hell on earth while they drop one by one in the most unpleasant of ways.

    So yeah, Jesus coming back to earth would mean extreme amounts of suffering for at least 2/3rds of the planet. And that fraction gets larger the more Christians that don't make the cut. Even among Christians, most of them believe things wrong. If one group of Christians believe the correct interpretation of the bible, then like 90-99% of them believe things wrong. If everyone who doesn't adhere to the one correct interpretation goes to hell, then that is an EXTREMELY select group of human beings who are gunna get "raptured up" at the end of the world.

    But what do I know? I'm just a godless heathen. :P

    (If you have any more question like this, feel free to ask me. I enjoy a nice friendly religion discussion... Or science, for that matter. lol.)

    • I think Christians will be in for the biggest shock if they find out that more Muslims and other "religionists" will get accepted.

    • Serves them right for monopolizing Jesus


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  • I think that is what would make me believe. I need to see some proof


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  • I believe it will be just like the bible says it will

  • I would just think some aliens are pulling an elaborate prank on us.